The industry
of Direct Sales

Under the basis of its concept lies an idea of transmitting information about products and services from one person to another, experiencing personally.
Thanks to unlimited possibilities of this business, the industry of multilevel marketing is a trade of 21-st century. It allows achieving the maximum financial result at minimum expenses, and in some cases to achieve a full financial independence.
The given system of marketing exists already more than 100 years and proliferated more than 150 countries in the world.
World market growth of direct sales visually shows efficiency of this business model. The turnover in 2014 has exceeded more than 250 billion dollars.
Today many corporations use elements of multilevel marketing for promotion of their products and services.

Car program

Starting with the first level of qualification plan you will have the opportunity to become an owner of a stylish Audi A4. Having done more serious conditions in terms of sales, you will sit behind the wheel of a magnificent Audi Q7. And for the most ambitious partners there is a luxury Maserati. The Car bonus program includes payments for your car when you achieve different qualification levels.

Estate Program

With DST Estate program you can become an owner of the house of your dream in the near future! Achieve new qualification levels and get the keys to new apartment! The Estate program includes bonus payments at different levels of qualification that allows paying for your house.

Travel Club

Every year the Company gives you and your family an exciting tour to the most beautiful parts of the world. Achieving necessary qualification levels you will be able to enjoy luxurious vacations in the best hotels in the world, to rest on a white sand beaches and azure coast and visit famous capitals of the world.

Benefits of DST
reward plan

• 14 types of bonuses

• Up to 65% of the actual payments for the network

• Up to 26% from the less branch weekly

• Up to 50% of the partners' income
Up to 8 levels deep

• Up to $150 000 per week - binary bonus

• Annual bonus up to $3000

• 10% of the global turnover of the company - the leadership pool, which is distributed weekly

• 10% of all paid-for company products - monthly passive income, distributed on each partner

• Audi as a gift from the company

• Property for the account of the company

• Travel at the expense of the company 2 times a year

• Participation in the capitalization of company IT products

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